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Quality and Integrity

Paradise Nectar is a family business based out of Wainaku, Hawaii.  Paradise Nectar Apiaries was founded in 2008 by Jen Rasmussen.  Since then Paradise Nectar has grown to be a leading provider of treatment-free honey bees, top bar hives, education, pure hive products, and much more.


Paradise Nectar Apiaries

The buzz about us..

At Paradise Nectar Apiaries we believe quality and integrity are the most important ingredients in everything we create.  As parents with two growing children we see the importance of showing them how to care for the Earth and all life so that we may continue to enjoy this planet.  We spend our days in the gardens, tending to our cows, bees, sheep & chickens, and processing all the food and products we harvest.  It is a full and beautiful life and we love it.  Our bees are a big part of it.  They have made all that we have possible and continue to provide us with pollination for our fruit trees and vegetables, delicious hive products, and thanks to years of commitment and paying it forward, they continue to bring in financial support to keep this whole farming business as sustainable as possible.  We set high standards and like to live up to them.  That is our promise to you, pure products from the hive, and much more.