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   We apologize if you are trying to reach us and have not received a response.  I recently purchased a new phone and transferred my service to a new provider and the transition has not gone well. 

  I have been working on resolving this situation, but it is not yet resolved.  I have not been able to receive voicemails or text messages, which also created issues with being locked out of several accounts. 

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  Take care & bee blessed!

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What's happening to the bees?

A closer look at the bees and beeswax combs.

Have you been seeing unusual things in your hives?  We have... 

This video shows the information gathered by bee guardian Jen Rasmussen through observations and regular hive maintenance. 

This presentation was originally made for a meeting with U.H. directors regarding research and testing of honey bees, beeswax, pollen, honey, etc.  The directors are willing to help get started with solution tests in July so we will have more of an idea of what testing is possible and what the bees are coming into contact with.  

  Over the next few weeks I will be gathering specimens for testing and constructing enclosed honey bee sanctuaries. 

  Check back soon for classes and events to help raise awareness about the issues that bees are facing and how you can be part of the change. 


If you wish to help with this project please click the links below.  Mahalo!!


Sign the Petition to Ban Herbicide Use on Hawaii Island. 

You can be part of the change, by helping to save the bees.  

Honey bees need us to pay attention and make choices that will improve the quality of life for all living beings.  

Ultimately, we vote with our wallet, our dollar bill is our ballot.  Nature needs our help, vote wisely my friends and fellow humans.  


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Paradise Nectar is a family business based out of Wainaku, Hawaii.  Paradise Nectar Apiaries was founded in 2008 by Jen Rasmussen.  Since then Paradise Nectar has grown to be a leading provider of treatment-free honey bees, top bar hives, education, pure hive products, and much more.