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K-12 & beyond

We offer classroom visits, school classes, University courses, workshops, and apprenticeships.

Honey Bee Education

Hands-on learning that's something to buzz about.

Educator & Bee Guardian, Jen Rasmussen Lair enjoys sharing her time, knowledge, bees, and sweet hive treats with others.  Jen loves nature and all its many wonders and spends her time learning and practicing how to care for it.  Honey bees initiated Jen in 2008 and since then she has been caring for bees and teaching others how to do so without the use of treatments, antibiotics, etc..  Jen began her career in beekeeping by becoming an independent contractor for Island Princess Macadamia Nut Company and establishing over 30 Top Bar and Langstroth hives in a year during the time of the small hive arrival and massacre in the Paneawa area.  Honey bee losses were incredibly devastating at this time in 2010.  After struggling to get back on her feet and finally feeling a sense of success, Jen decided to share what she learned with others and help them have a more graceful experience than her own.  

She began formal workshops and classes in 2011, beginning with teaching middle & high school students for two years at the Hawaii Acadmy of Arts & Science, in Pahoa, Hawaii. 

Jen enjoys teaching people of all ages and has a curriculum to offer for all age groups.  Custom curriculum may be made for any course desired.  Pricing varies depending on the structure of the course offered and the number of students attending. 

Beekeeping Lessons & Farm Tours are offered at Paradise Nectar Apiaries nearly every Saturday & Sunday through AirBnB or by appointment.  Check out our schedule for openings and book your private lesson today!  

Courses are also offered through the Honeybee Education Program.

Check the website for regular updates on events and workshops.

To inquire about the next free beekeeping workshop sponsored by the Honeybee Education Program contact:


Workshop in Hawi

Workshop in Hawi

Workshop at Dawn Barnettʻs. Harvesting honey comb.


Paradise Nectar Workshop

Jen Rasmussen Lair shows how to care for bees in a top bar hive.


Paradise Nectar Workshop

Jen Rasmussen Lair demonstrates how to care for bees in a Langstroth hive without the use of treatments or antibiotics.

Wax Melter ~ Workshop

Paradise Nectar Workshop at Dreamland Farm

Wax Melter demonstration at Paradise Nectar. Jen Rasmussen instructs how to build and use a solar wax melter.


Jen Rasmussen Lair

Jen Rasmussen Lair teaching a beekeeping workshop at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center.


John Lair

John Lair catching a swarm at Paradise Nectarʻs former home at Dreamland Farm.

Workshop for David Wolfe's retreat

Workshop for David Wolfe's retreat

At Kalani Oceanside Retreat


Paradise Nectar Workshop at Dreamland Farm

Our last amazing workshop before the 2018 lava flow covered our Dreamland Farm.

John's first hive inspection ~2015

John Lair

Johnʻs first hive inspection in 2015.

Swarm Catching ~ Workshop

Paradise Nectar Workshop ~ Catching a Swarm

John Lair and Jen Rasmussen Lair catch a swarm during a beekeeping class with the University of Hawaii- Hilo.

Bee Kids

Bee Kids

Paradise Nectar first keiki students.

John ~ Top Bar Hives

Top Bar Hives built by John Lair

Custom made when ordered 3ʻ Top Bar Hives.

A handful of bees..

The Gentle Side of Honey Bees

Jen Rasmussen Lair teaches how to connect with honey bees in an intuitive and gentle way. Her methods are peaceful and simple, and have proven to produce great results since 2008.

Top Bar Hive Building Instructions

How to Build a Top Bar Hive

Instructed by John Lair

Instructor John Lair is a skilled carpenter who spends his time building homes for bees, people, cows, sheep, you get the idea.. he likes to build stuff.  He also spends his time growing food to feed his family and others.  John's masterful skills are matched by his high standards for quality work.  His desire to see quality hives for bees to live in be a more affordable option for people, inspired him to start teaching people how to build the hives themselves.  John has taught several hive building workshops on the Big Island and continues to offer them when he has the time. 

  If you are interested in attending a hive building workshop, send John an email at the link below.  You may also purchase a pdf copy John's Top Bar Hive building plans for only $1.99!

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