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One day I saw her looking sad & her appearance had changed. I searched until I found what ailed her, but I could not stop her pain. I cried, and did the best I could to ease her troubled hive. But, I watched her sisters die in vain, from poison & closed minds. One day she came to me and said: “I know what you can do, take these seeds, plant these flowers, & inspire others to do it too.” ~By Jen Rasmussen Lair

Have you been seeing unusual things in your hives?  We have... 

This video shows the information gathered by bee guardian Jen Rasmussen Lair, through observations and regular hive maintenance.   After gathering information about what could cause the losses and the evidence of unusual colors, odors, and dead bees, Jen discovered that there was a correlation between these symptoms and when the owners of the neighboring properties would spray herbicide.  Realizing that there is not much justice for the winged creatures of the world, Jen decided to do what she could to rebalance the environment around her.  With the help of her family, especially her husband John, Jen set out on a mission to plant as many flowering plants as possible. 

Jen has watched her families efforts blossom into a productive and lively farm abundant with pollinators and beauty.


Sign the Petition to Ban Herbicide Use on Hawaii Island. 

You can be part of the change, by helping to save the bees.  

Honey bees need us to pay attention and make choices that will improve the quality of life for all living beings.  

Ultimately, we vote with our wallet, our dollar bill is our ballot.  Nature needs our help, vote wisely my friends and fellow humans.  

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