Raw Unfiltered Hawaiian Honey

Raw Unfiltered Hawaiian Honey


~Pure Hawaiian Tropical Blossom Honey~  

Paradise Nectar honey bees are located at thirteen hundred feet elevation in Wainaku, Hawaii on the Big Island.  Our bees forage blossoms such as macadamia nut, citrus, avocado, guava, and much more.  Our apiaries in Orchidland and Mt. View are in areas where the indigenous ohia' lehua trees grow.  Our bees forage lehua blossoms and make a delicious white creamy honey.  The variety of colors, flavors, and aromas of all the different kinds of honey is truly incredible and delicious!  All of our honey is seasonally harvested in a sustainable way to ensure hive health and vitality.  We believe in pure hive products and so we do not use any chemicals, treatments, antibiotics, or feeding supplements in our hives.  All our honey is 100% bee made pure honey.  

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  • Product Information:

    Pure Treatment-Free Honey

    Raw, Unfiltered Tropical Blossoms

    From the Big Island, Hawaii

    All honey is harvested from the Orchidland, Mt. View, or Wainaku areas.

  • Return & Refund Policy:

    All honey is non-returnable for cash back.  If the honey purchased is suspected to be contaminated or fermented please contact us right away for an exchange.  To exchange for a new jar the purchased jar must be mostly full.  

  • Shipping Information:

    Due to the high cost of shipping honey, we prefer to ship in priority mail boxes.  Package options are offered. 

    We will do our best to offer the lowest shipping rates available via USPS.  

    All small sized jars up to pints will be shipped in medium flat rate priority boxes via USPS for $14.35.  Up to 5 pint jars may be shipped per box. 

    Quart jars and half-gallon spout paks will be shipped in large flat rate priority boxes via USPS for $19.95.


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