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Bee Removal and Relocation

Safe & Ethical Honeybee Rescue

  • 3 hours
  • Starts at $250
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

At Paradise Nectar, we understand the importance of safely and effectively removing and relocating honeybees. We are licensed and insured and have been offering honeybee removal and relocation services since 2008. Our team will ensure that the bees are removed the right way the first time, so that they are gone and more do not move in. Depending on where bees have chosen to build their hive, access may be limited. We always choose the best entry point to ensure minimal damage and easy access to the bees. Once bees are located and made accessible, the combs are removed and inspected for the queen bee. Once the queen is found she is placed in a secure ventilated capsule for safe transport. Bees are placed into a travel box and sealed for transport. All wax and remnants that are removable, are removed. Remaining bees are vacuumed and contained safely for travel. Since honeybees only live up to 4-6 weeks and not all of them make it back to the hive each night, there are always some stragglers who get left behind. The numbers will vary depending on hive size. If the colony is only accessible from the inside of the structure, it will be sealed up until follow up care is possible with a plastic drop cloth. All removals are different, so a consultation is needed before an estimate may be given. ~Base price for ground floor removals is $250. ~Base price for 2-story buildings is $500. ~Minimum fee for all rooftop removals is $1000. The price increases with increased risk. For complicated rescues additional fees will apply. Please review the following questions and send us the answers in the message box below: 1. Where is the hive located? 2. How high up is the entrance? 3. How long have they been there? 4. What material are the walls on the inside and outside made of? 5. Has anyone else tried to remove them, sprayed them with wasp spray, and/or used moth balls? 6. Are there any electrical wires or plumbing features in the wall? Is it possible to turn off the electricity in the area during the removal if wires are present? 7. Is there a ladder available on site? 8. Are you the owner, tenant, etc.? 9. Have bees lived in the structure before? Once you have submitted the answers to the questions, along with photos or video of where the bees are entering the structure and the walls surrounding it, we will review the information and get back to you with a quote. Our liability waiver is available to view on the Bee Removal & Relocation page.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things come up and plans change. Please notify us as soon as you know you are unable to make it to an appointment or class. For events such as retreats or classes, refund policies vary and can be found on the website pages for each offering. More notice is needed for retreats and classes due to the costs involved to create the offering, and the limited spaces available. For beekeeping services: all services are weather dependent since rain could negatively impact your bees. If it is raining on the day of the appointment, you will be notified in the morning of the appointment. If it continues to rain, and cancellation within an hour of the appointment time is necessary, you will receive a message to reschedule. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you

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Paradise Nectar Apiaries, Kaiwiki Road, Hilo, HI, USA

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