Intuitive Treatment-free Tropical Beekeeping

Intuitive Treatment-free Tropical Beekeeping


Author Jen Rasmussen wrote the ' Intuitive Treatment-Free Tropical Beekeeping' manual for bee guardians in all walks of life to help create an understanding of bee biology and how it relates to pest management and disease prevention. The information contained in this book is based on six years of research and experimentation. As a mother and farmer, Jen Rasmussen became interested in beekeeping as a way to provide a sustainable food source for her family. Since her early years of honeybee exploration she has provided many new beekeepers with honeybee packages, educational workshops, apprenticeships & mentoring, pure hive products, and much more.

Whether you are a beekeeper or a bee supporter, may the information in this book provide you with the awareness needed to care for bees without the use of treatments and medications. May these words offer encouragement and inspire new ideas and creativity. 

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  • Product Information:

    Treatment-free Tropical Beekeeping Manual

    Educational Book, 78 pages

    Author: Jen Rasmussen   

    Copyright: 2014-2015

    ISBN:  978-1507645482

    Published by Jen Rasmussen, Paradise Nectar Apiaries, dba.


    Paradise Nectar Apiaries was created 11 years ago by Jen Rasmussen.  What started out as curiousity and intrigue for honey bees and their sweet honey has evolved into an always expanding treatment-free beekeeping company.  Paradise Nectar offers honey bee nucs & packages, natural cell queens, healthy brood combs, pure hive products, top bar hives, educational workshops, and much more.  


    Jen Rasmussen is a mother, beekeeper, farmer, musician, and teacher.  She came to Hawaii to live more as indigenous peoples and live in a sustainable way with the land.  Jen's primary focus is on education of healthy beekeeping practices and living in harmony with nature.  These writing were inspired by the many new bee guardians who are caring for honey bees in a diverse and lush tropical environment.  

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