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Couples Intuitive Beekeeping Retreat

Bee Love -Couples Retreat Logo

Since far before the dawn of written history, people and bees have shared a complex connection. Bees are essential to human culture since we depend on them for the foods we eat and the beauty we enjoy seeing in the world around us.

The honey bee is a symbol of true love. The oldest love affair in history is between the bee and the flower. It began more than 100 million years ago when nature devised an efficient way for plants to procreate. About 80% of plant species now use animals or insects to carry pollen grains from the male part of the plant to the female part, performing the act of pollination.

The plants developed flowers. Their perfumed scent, colorful displays, and sweet nectar are all designed to woo pollinators. This is not very different from the ways that we may seduce and entice our partners in a physical and pheromonal way, as we are all sensual beings.

This retreat is designed to activate your senses, awaken your inner wild child, and ignite your passion for your beloved.

A Couple Holding Hands

Start each morning together enjoying the ocean views and fresh organic coffee, tea, and breakfast.

Invigorate your bodies with a morning volcanic steam-heated bath soak or a dip in the pool.

Get your body moving with yoga to start the day!

Indulge in delicious organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and fruit snacks throughout the day.

Each day is designed to offer activities that bring couples together to learn, create, play, and have fun. All activities are optional, with many onsite and local attractions to choose from, for those who are craving a different kind of adventure.

Several hours each day are set aside for free time for lovers to enjoy their personal spaces and the beautiful estate.

Each couple will receive a private couples massage with professional local massage therapists.

Each evening is crafted to offer a unique ceremony, intertwining unity consciousness~ hive-mind lessons, musical expression, breathwork, tantric connection, harmonizing, couples non-verbal communication, heart-sharing, dance, and more.

Each evening activity is designed to get the romantic passions flowing and bring couples together in a blissful and playful environment.

A Couple Exploring Nature Together

During this retreat, we will explore activities including treatment-free beekeeping, mead making & tasting, candle making, yoga, body movement, harmonizing, and dance.

Protective gear is provided for beekeeping experiences. We offer everything you need to feel safe and enjoy the experience of seeing the sweeter side of honey bees.

Our journey into the hive and exploration of the natural world is guaranteed to ease the body, quiet the mind, and open the heart.

Honey Bee Collecting Pollen from Flower



  • Connect to the deep and real you

  • Step away from all those distractions you are assaulted with every day

  • Unwind and recharge

  • Recover from a long period of stressful work or family situations

  • Detox your body with a healthy lifestyle

  • Leave the hustle and relax in paradise

  • Disconnect from routine life while connecting with nature and yourself

  • Boost your practice by taking the time to go deeper into it

  • Get a strong foundation to continue your own practice

  • Learn new skills in a nature-based setting

  • See honey bee hives up close and personal

  • Learn about honey bees and the basics of beekeeping

  • Share meaningful moments with your partner

  • Soak in volcanic steam baths and enjoy ocean, meadow, and forest views

What Makes This Retreat Special

This intuitive beekeeping retreat was designed for couples, by a couple, to create a fun learning environment that intertwines blissful vacation time with exploring practical life skills in a playful and interactive way.

The practices taught during this retreat may be applied to various aspects of your life for years to come. Create lasting memories and an epic photo album as you enjoy the beauty of Hawaii, and learn empowering and meaningful skills with your beloved.

Facilitators Jen & John Lair are a powerful dyad, who practice what they teach on a daily basis. With a clear understanding of the commitment and dedication needed to share life together in harmony as co-parents, lovers, and friends, they have learned how to interact in a loving and supportive way to empower and encourage each other. This has been possible because of the time they invest in sharing meaningful experiences together, such as beekeeping and gardening.

The connection that is created when we share learning experiences with our partners is special.

We are able to see our beloveds in a new way with each new experience. The energy that couples create together is revitalizing and nourishes the relationship. It is these moments of deep connection that provide the necessary energy to make it through the challenging times that may come.

Learning how to create these experiences together, and applying the skills learned during this retreat in your daily lives at home, will help to strengthen your connection as a couple.

Facilitators Jen & John Lair catching a swarm
Couples on a Walk in Nature

Daily Activities

Check in at the Puna Rainforest Retreat Center is at 3 p.m. on February 1, 2024.

Take time to settle in, feel free to explore the property, and/or relax.

Each day is designed to offer ample free time for couples to enjoy time alone together.

Activities are provided daily for couples to explore new ideas and skills together.

All activities are optional, and there are many features of the retreat center to enjoy, as well as many surrounding attractions.

Additional activities such as private beekeeping & gardening lessons and excursions to local attractions are available for a minimal fee, for those who want more time learning & exploring together.

Click the link below to see a full schedule of each days activities.

The Facilitators

Jen Rasmussen Lair

With a philosophy based on connection, unity, and consciousness; Jen has developed a strong apiary by establishing a relationship with bees based on intuition and observation. She created Paradise Nectar Apiaries in 2008 on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Her morals and beliefs have been the foundation of her growth and success.

Jenʻs practices are based on hygienic management & biological needs, mixed with an understanding of energy & manifestation, to create a fun & peaceful experience with bees.

Jen is a mother of a 15 year old daughter and an 18 year old son, whom she has homeschooled and raised in a farm-based lifestyle.

Jen enjoys playing drums, keyboard, ngoni, and guitar. She spends her days gardening, processing homegrown foods, crafting products, homeschooling, tending to honey bee colonies for others and herself, teaching beekeeping in schools, facilitating workshops & retreats, writing, and spending as much time as possible in nature with all the adorable animals on their farm.

Jen Rasmussen Lair, Owner & Founder of Paradise Nectar Apiaries & the Couples Intuitive Beekeeping Retreat

John Lair

A man of many trades, John spends his days gardening, tending to the family farm, caring for animals, playing guitar, and much more. 

John is very passionate about growing food.  He works hard to provide for his family and believes strongly in the role of husbandry.  His care and attention to those he loves is seen, as well as heard.  

A skilled carpenter, John builds various structures &  houses, including Top Bar Hives for honey bees.  John also offers a pdf for building top bar hives and teaches workshops for building hives. 

John manages Hawaii Tropical Fish Gardens, a nature-based tropical fish store, unlike any other, which is located at Paradise Nectar Farm.

John teaches about plants, fish, healthy ecosystems, and more.

As a step-father of two children, ages 15 & 18, for the last 8 years, John has learned a lot of valuable lessons in parenting and partnering.

John Lair of Paradise Nectar Apiaries & the Hawaii Tropical Fish Gardens at Paradise Nectar Farm


Pāhoa, Hawaii, United States

Puna Rainforest Hotspring Estate is located in a very safe, rural area and has a property gate and security system.

Pahoa town is 4 miles from the estate. Hilo is only 24 miles away, Volcanoes National Park 40 miles and the Mauna Kea Observatory is 50 miles.

Kona is 100 miles and takes about 2 hours. Puna Rainforest Estate is special because you can stay in a private place with natural settings away from the busy neighborhoods and resorts but are still close enough to enjoy the attractions.

The Puna Rainforest Retreat is within the Puna Forest Reserve and the grounds are surrounded by rainforest that is part of the retreat. Hawaiian Natives own the non-private property within the reserve to protect the Native Ohia forest that is sacred.

The reserve was acquired by the Trust for Public Lands and transferred to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. The reserve is a habitat for the Endangered Hawaiian Owl, Hawk, and Bat. While these species are otherwise very rare, they are often seen at the retreat.

The Ohia forest has giant ferns, diverse species of orchids, epiphytic plants, strawberry guava, passion fruit, geckos, praying mantis, and songbirds.

The rainforest is very dense and so it is requested that guests stay on the grounds and trails for their safety, unless we discuss the specific hazards.

The retreat property surrounding the grounds features many skylights into lava tubes as well as lava trees and caves. The Puna Rainforest is invigorating to see, taste, hear, and feel

You will also get the opportunity to visit Paradise Nectar Farm & Apiaries, the home of the facilitators, Jen & John Lair, &

Hawaii Tropical Fish Gardens.

Yellow Flowers

What's Included In This Package

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals

  • Daily yoga classes

  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day

  • Specialized workshops

  • Group activities

  • Nature hikes with a trusted guide

  • Pre and post retreat support from our team

  • Wifi connection

  • Parking

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Breathwork & Meditation

  • Plunge Pool

  • Volcanic Steam-heated Baths

  • 1 Hour Private Couples Massage

  • Clothing, tools, & supplies for workshops

  • Welcome drinks

  • Jar of Paradise Nectar Honey

  • Beekeeping Training

  • Beeswax Candles

What's Not Included In This Package

  • Travel insurance

  • Flights costs

  • Visa fee

  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

  • Additional treatments

  • Airport transfer (Not Included, but arrangements may be made for an additional fee)

  • Rental Car

Bee on a Daisy

Seasonal Information

2018 Lava Flow: The property is safe. Fissure 8 is/was about 3 miles away and 240 vertical feet downhill.
Steam vents have established on the lower property, over 500 feet from the houses, and temperatures have stabilized at about 150 F. Steam varies from barely visible to over 100 ft tall when it rains. Please do not touch the steam as it is hot and could hurt you. The steam is tested by USGS weekly and there are no harmful gasses present.

Weather Information

Hawaiiʻs tropical environment provides the perfect retreat experience. With a history of less rain in February, and views of abundant flowers, February is a beautiful time of year.

Rain does tend to come and go, but the rainbows that appear in those moments are spectacular.

How To Get There 

Please book your flight to Hilo International Airport (ITO) in Hilo, Hawaii if you would like us to provide transportation to and from the airport.

If arriving at Kona International (KOA), please secure a rental car for the 3 hour trip to the retreat center.

What To Bring

Pants, long-sleeve shirt, closed shoes or boots, reef-safe sunscreen, only non-toxic mosquito repellent (if you feel it is needed), sun hat (optional), swimsuit, and any others items to help you enjoy your stay.

We honor medical patients and their needs to care for themselves. Please be mindful and courteous of others and their personal needs.

Arrival By Car

The retreat center is located 4 miles from Pahoa, 5 miles from Kalapana and about 6 miles from the beach.

Recent lava flow can be observed nearby.

Hilo is 24 miles away, Volcanoes National Park is 40 miles and the Mauna Kea Observatory, where you can view through telescopes, is 50 miles.

Kona is 100 miles over the saddle road and takes about 2 hours.

Puna Rainforest Retreat is special because you can stay in a private place in a natural setting away from the busy neighborhoods and resorts but are still close enough to enjoy the attractions.

The address and directions to the retreat center will be sent by email after the booking is complete.

Visa Stuff

Please make sure all your travel arrangements are in order. We do not assist with this process.

Travel Insurance Suggestions

We understand that plans change. We recommend purchasing travel insurance so that you may book with ease and peace of mind.

Sunset Flower

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before retreat start date.

  • 50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before retreat start date.

  • 0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before retreat start date.

Remaining Balance

  • Remaining balance is due 30 days before the retreat start date.

  • If paid at the time of booking, a full refund of the remaining balance is available up to 30 days before your retreat start date.

  • If you cancel 0-29 days before your retreat start date remaining balance is not refundable.

Please note: For deposit and remaining balance amounts, please refer to your booking summary email.

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